Have the hair you have always dreamed of...with micro ring hair extensions.

If you could change one thing about your hair, what would it be? Does you hair always seem to lack body and volume no matter what you try and persuade it to do? Or have you been growing your hair for years, but it seems to be taking a lifetime? Hair extensions can conjure up images of tacky waist length hair, that looks false (i.e. Katie Price!) and leaves your own hair in tatters. Most people would never consider that many women, whose seemingly natural hair they admire in the media, rely on the aid of hair extensions too. Good hair extensions should look completely natural. They should not cause damage to your own hair either. They can be used for many different reasons, so the time and ma

The secret to amazing hair everyday.

By introducing a few basic changes to your hair care routine, your hair will feel and look its best, while avoiding unnecessary damage. Everyone knows the feeling when you first have your hair done, it looks and smells great, but once you have washed it, you can't get it to look the same. A lot of how your hair will look is determined by how you wash and care for it, and what products you use. When your hair is styled by a professional it can seem like they have performed a small miracle, but once you know how to achieve the same results, you can look your best all the time. Many people do not wash their hair thoroughly, so they find they need to wash it more often. Always shampoo your hair

Home Hairdresser Wymondham

Having your hair styled professionally no longer means a trip to the local salon. You could save a lot more than just your time. Home Hairdressing is rapidly becoming the new solution to maintaining your hair, rather than having to find time to go to the salon on your day off. Several years ago, it would be perfectly normal for women to visit a salon each week, for a set or blow-dry. Nowadays hairstyles are much more versatile and we try to enhance the hairs natural form, instead of fighting it. This means less trips to the salon, to force your hair into submission! Nowadays many women struggle to find the time to get their haircut regularly due to juggling family commitments, work hours an

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