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Hairdressing Wymondham

Spring is finally here! With the start of a new season, why not change up your look with a new hairstyle? Spring means we can no longer hide away under coats, boots and hats, and we can feel more motivated to get back into our new years resolutions before we are too far along into the year.

With warmer weather on its way, it is time to go for a more casual hairstyle. More tousled, wavy styles are more suitable for this time of year, as the humidity will make straight, sleek hair styles frizz. If you like to workout, or go cycling, you will find your hair requires washing more often. So if you steer away from the straightners, and try a more natural look, you will be reducing the amount of heat your hair is exposed too.

So how can you achieve a wavy hairstyle that looks effortless? Follow this easy set of instructions.

1) Shampoo your hair twice, using a moisture shampoo, as your hair will probably feel dryer in summer, as you will be outside more, and it is generally washed more. Try a good quality shampoo, such as Osmo, Matrix, or Paul Mitchell, as these will not contain silicone which most supermarket brands do. Silicone weighs the hair down, and prevents it absorbing moisture, as it forms a barrier on your hair. Follow up with a conditioner, mid lengths to ends.

2). Gently comb your hair thrpugh using a wide toothed comb. Scrunch through a small amount of curling cream, wax, or a golf ball size of mousse. Or if your prefer a spray, try a salt spray for added texture. Make sure you scrunch your hair through, to encourage waves to form.

3) Leave to air dry. If you must dry your hair, use a diffuser. Once your hair is dry, if there are a few sections that you would like to be more wavy, tong random sections. Then give a quick shake and rub some wax into the palms of your hands and scrunch through, This will give added definition to the curls and also allow your style to hold all day.

Now you don't need to worry about getting your hair damp or if there is a breeze, as your not aiming for a sleek, neat style. This style will look like you have made a lot of effort, but it is actually very simple and quick! With the right products, you can save yourself a lot of work.

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