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Hair protection for busy women.

Today I am going to suggest some ways you can help prevent your hair from damage. This is something I am regularly asked, and this is a time of the year, where many of us are making plans for the year ahead.

It can be difficult to look after your hair, even just in our usual day to day routine, but when we are away from home, we want to take as little as possible. Here are some suggestions...

Daily home care.

Keep washing your hair to a minimum. The maximum you should wash your hair is alternate days, Each time you wash your hair you are removing oils that provide moisture and help protect your scalp from becoming dry and flakey, If you wash your hair too often, you will actually be stimulating the sebum glands, which is counter intuitive, as they will produce more oil. If your hair does feel greasy daily, you most likely are using the wrong shampoo. Try one that is clear, as it wont contain added oils, and one designed to balance oils, for hair prone to be greasy. Never apply conditioner to the roots, only mid shaft and ends of your hair. Don't wash your hair in red hot water, This will cause your hair to become oily quicker, dry it out, and wash your colour down the drain. Hot water is just as bad to colours as straighteners, hairdryers and even the sun.

ALWAYS use a heat protector spray, to shield you hair before using a hairdryer or styling tools. If possible, use a lower heat setting and try to have alternate days where you don't use heated tools.

What about if I work out often and my hair needs washing more?

If possible, plan your hair washing days around workouts, I generally manage to wash mine twice a week, and plan it around days I have fitness classes. If you are a serious gym bunny, and you workout most days, washing your hair more often isn't a problem, as long as you are able to avoid using heat every day, and being gentle with your hair. I.e gentle when combing it when your hair is wet, not tying it up when wet, or going to bed with it wet, I would also avoid high maintenance vivid colours. They will wash out too quickly if you need to wash it most days, and even just your head sweating will cause some colours to bleed. (You just need to see my pillow in the morning!)

For those of you who like swimming, and wouldn't be seen in public in a swimming hat, a simple tip, is too wet your hair thoroughly in the showers, before you get in the pool. If your hair is dripping wet before you get in the water, it wont be able to absorb any chlorinated water. After swimming use a leave in conditioner or Moroccan oil.

The sun is something many people wouldn't think of damaging their hair, but just think how it can lighten you hair in summer, The sun will fade colour and dry your hair out, if your exposed to it for long periods of time. Use a heat protector. like you would if you were going to blow dry your hair, or use a leave in conditioner. You can also buy products with UVA protection. If your going to be in and out of the pool, the easiest and simplest solution, is to wear a hat! covering your hair in this way, offers maximum protection.

For those of you who enjoy winter sports, the same precautions with regards the sun apply too. I am sure if you are a serious ski enthusiastic, you will have experienced goggle marks on your face; white marks where your face was covered by a ski mask, and the rest of your face tanned. This demonstrated how powerful the sun is, even in cold temperatures.

Try plaiting your hair back, to avoid matts and tangles. Use a deep conditoning mask in the evening. The cold air often will dry out your hair, so applying serum at the start of the day, will provide some nourishment for your hair!

If you take the time to give your hair a bit of T.L.C instead of giving it a punishing routine, your will find it far easier to manage, and it will look healthier too. Have fun and enjoy your adventures in 2018!

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