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Bored of your hair?

Now we have reached Spring, and it doesn't look like the weather is improving very much. With snow days keeping us housebound, and days feeling like they go on forever, boredom isn't far off. Have you had the same hairstyle for years? Perhaps your toying with the idea of having a change. Before you do anything radical, here are my top tips to consider before you decide...


First, spend a afternoon looking at pictures of different hair colours and cuts, save all the ones your instantly drawn too, and then see if they all have something in common. Also, cover the models face; sometimes we may not be as keen on the hairstyle when we do this. Also look at pictures of people with similar natural texture and movement hair as you, also skin colour and the shape of their face.


Is this an impulsive decision you may regret? If you decide you do prefer how your hair was before, will it badly affect your confidence, or are you willing to give it a try? If you are wavering, wait! Try a smaller change, such as having a fringe cut in, or adapting your colour OR the cut, By keeping one thing the same, something will still feel familiar. Or maybe you just need to try and learn how to style your hair in different ways, For example, my haircut at the moment is very simple, a bob below the chin, with layers. But it looks very different, by how I wear it. Sometimes I change the parting, wear it straight or curly, have a fringe or pin it back. People often think I have changed my hairstyle again, but it is just down to how I style it,


If the new style, is drastically different to your natural hair colour or texture, are you willing to commit the time to maintenance appointments, and extra styling time in the morning? i.e if you have naturally curly hair, and would love to try and slick bob, will you be able to straighten it yourself? If you want to be platinum blonde, and your hair is dark, are you willing to be patient and commit to the process of changing colour? Can you afford it the maintenance appointments?

Finally, when you have the appointment with your hairdresser, take the pictures you like. Its much easier to communicate using photos, for such a visual thing, and it can be easy to be on a different page to the hairdresser. Whatever you do, enjoy the process of experimenting with your hair, Hair is one of the things that is easiest to change about our image, and can make us feel like a new person.

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