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Salon or mobile hairdresser?

I prefer being a mobile hairdresser as I am able to provide a much more personal service to my clients.

Some people who feel self conscious, find walking into a salon intimidating, as they imagine everyone will be glamorous. It can be a loud environment, which is challenging for people with sensory difficulties. Some of my clients are unable to leave the house due to anxiety or wear a cutting gown as they feel clastrophobic. Clients with transport and mobility issues can still have access to the same high quality service a salon provide.

Many people feel able to converse more openly with a mobile hairdresser, as they are at ease in their home. but in a salon would feel too shy to discuss what they want. You can also chat freely without worrying about being overheard.

If you manage to have a regular hairdresser, it is much more likely you will be consistently pleased with your hair, as you will build a relationship, and the hairdresser will get to know you and your hair. I always say to clients, 'you are the expert on YOUR hair, it's often not about right or wrong, but what your personal preference is, and I wont be offended if you need to tell me to tweak your hair!' When hairdressers move salons, they often will not allow you to know where they have gone. This is not a problem when you have a mobile hairdresser!

Working in a salon, it is easy to feel like clients are on a conveyer belt. As a mobile hairdresser, I can book out as much time as I like for my clients service, without needing to rush the appointment, or try to fit another client in whilst a colour is developing and end up running behind!

It Is more cost effective and time efficient for clients. Most people live fast paced lives and it can be stressful always rushing about. Having a home hairdresser means you don't have to was te time driving to a salon, paying for fuel and parking. As I do not have the costly overheads of a premises, my prices are far more competitive than salons are able to offer.

I also can purchase clients products from the wholesalers, which I sell for purchase price not RRP. This means if I recommend a product for your hair, it isn't because I am interested in commission, it is because I think it will benefit your hair!

Finally, many people feel safer at home, with the worry of covid. I follow the same safety protocols, but it means coming into contact with less people. (I have been double vaccinated, each client is provided with fresh towels and gown, and any equipment I use is only used on one client, after which it is soaked overnight in hospital grade disinfectant Barbacide.)

I hope I can continue to provide my clients with a high standard of service.


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