How to prolong washing your hair.

How many times a week do you wash your hair? Every day, every other day, two or three times a week? Does the thought of washing your hair less make you curl up your toes and cringe? Why not think again? Lots of people are in the habit of washing their hair every morning when they have a shower, without thinking about if their hair is dirty or not. Or perhaps they feel that their hair needs washing. Why does it matter? Every time you wash your hair you are also removing natural oils from your scalp and hair, which help maintain the hairs moisture. By over-washing your hair, it will feel dry, as you have stripped away the moisture. If you wash your hair less, not only will the hair look shinie

Top styling products

As a mobile hairdresser I am constantly asked for advice on what products to use. As I am not based in a salon I cannot carry around an infinite supply of product ranges, so I am always on the lookout for products that have multiple uses or are suitable for various hair types. These are my staple finishing products, hand picked from a variety of ranges that I wouldn't be without. Next week I will go through shampoos and the best products to use before heat styling. Hairspray My favourite hairspray is by Matrix, Vavoom, Freezing spray. Unlike most hairsprays it has quite a pleasant scent and it has a good firm hold. However it can be brushed out of the hair easily. It is also a reasonable pr

Common Colouring Misconceptions

It is not possible to go from dark to blonde in one pain free step. Your hairdresser cannot wave a magic wand and change your hair colour. Just because you have gone to a professional does not mean it is an easy job and that you will instantly achieve the results you want. Changing hair colour generally involves a transition period. If you like to drastically change the colour of your hair on a regular basis, you ought to consider having a shorter hairstyle, as there is no way to avoid damaging the hair if your constantly exposing it to harsh chemicals. By being in less of a rush to reach for the peroxide and spend some time using deep conditioning hair masks in between treatments, your hair

Hairdressers Insider Knowledge

Alternative treatments for your hair- organic, all natural hair food. Hairdressers may recommend buying treatments from them, but did you know you can make your own? The two most popular trending ingredients at the moment are Apple Cider Vinegar and Caster Oil. I will tell you what they are for, how to use and how frequently. The hairdressing industry is continually investing in expensive scientific research, to try and make breakthroughs in an incredibly competitive market. Your hair can be in good condition, but if you are using the wrong products, that are not meeting your hairs requirements, it will not look its best, however often you wash it or get it trimmed. For example, curly hair w

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