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Ways to improve the condition of your hair.

Everybody wants their hair to look its best. With changing a few simple parts of your daily hair routine, you can make a difference,.

1) Having regular trims will keep split ends at bay. Despite hair product advertisements on television promising to mend split ends, the only cure is to remove them. Sadly, the myth cutting your hair will help it to grow is also untrue. But regular trims will prevent split ends from traveling up the hair shaft. So for those of you ladies who dread going to the salon, regular cuts will ultimately prevent you from having to have as much cut off, when you do go. By only going once or twice a year, you will effectively need cutting off, what you could of had trimmed off on a regular basis, without as much stress.

If you want to grow you hair, you need to look after it. Long hair never looks good if the ends are straggly and split. If you get it trimmed every six weeks and you want to grow it, extend your appointment to every three months, then you will not be cutting off all the new growth, but you will prevent the hair from becoming damaged along the way.

2) Have realistic expectations. Not all hair will be glossy. This is not always a true indication of the health of your hair either. Only dark hair will have a real shine to it. Blonde hair does not reflect the light as much. Neither does curly hair, or afro caribbean hair. Unless you have extremely greasy or fine hair, most hair types will benefit from weekly deep conditioning or oil treatments. These are available to purchase from hair salons, or the wholesalers, or places such as T X Maxx.

3) Analyze what type of hair you have, and pick the best shampoo and conditioner you can afford. This will make a massive difference. For example, if someone with hair that has a tendency to be greasy, uses a moisturising shampoo, they will only be exacerbating the problem. If you want more body and you use a heavy shampoo, it will weigh it down. Or if you dye your hair, and don't use a colour protect shampoo, then you will be washing the colour out as soon as it has been done, which will mean putting chemicals on your hair far more frequently,

4) Never, I repeat NEVER, drag a brush through your hair, especially if it is wet. Gently comb it from the ends to the roots.

5) ALWAYS use a heat protector, before using heat to style your hair. I apply a heat protector leave in conditioner to my clients hair, before drying. This helps create a shield from the heat.

6) Think using a less powerful hair dryer will help you hair? Wrong, Your hair will take longer to dry, exposing your hair to the heat for longer than is necessary, Blot as much moisture as possible from your hair, if time allow it to air dry for 10 mins, then hairdry. Begin with the highest setting, then gradually lower the heat as your hair dries.

By taking a little more care to look after your hair, you will really notice a difference in the health of it, and this will mean your hairdresser will be able to achieve better results, with colours that are longer lasting.

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