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Hairdressing Terminology

Everybody has had that experience. You know. When you walk out of the hairdressers, get home, and say, 'That's not what i asked for!'

What can stop this happening to you again?


Make sure you plan what you want to achieve before your hair appointment. If you don't mention you would like a change, your hairdresser will assume you are happy with your hair as it is. After all, if its not broke why fix it? It is down to you to come up with suggestions, and the hairdresser to guide you with regards what will suit you, and how to adapt a style you like, to suit you.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to change- you may be happy with the actual length of your hair, but are bored. Browse through fashion and hair magazines, for inspiration and to see what styles are popular this season. Images are fantastic as it makes explaining what your aim is, a whole lot easier. Sometimes it not the actual cut that needs changing, but ideas on new ways to style it. Or you could freshen up your look with a new colour. Don't want to commit? Why not have a temporary colour such as a toner, or a semi permanent? Or some subtle high/low lights?

When the hairdresser asks, how was your haircut for you last time, or how have you been managing with your hair; now is your time to speak up. She wants you to be honest, so she is able to help make your everyday life styling your hair and looking good easier. After all, you are a walking advert. So don't worry about offending your hairdresser. For example if the haircut has felt too heavy, or you are struggling to style a fringe, ask for advice, and your hairdresser can make suggestions. If you say, it was fine, then you will leave with 'your usual trim'. It all very well if the hairdresser can make you look great for one day in every six weeks, but its how wearable your style translates to everyday life that really counts.

If you are able to be organised enough, stick with one hair stylist. I am very impulsive, and have many times regretted having a drastic chop, after walk in appointments or when I have foolishly said, do what you like, to a bored hairdresser on a Friday afternoon. If you stick to one hairdresser, they will build a relationship with you, and understand your long term hair goals. For example if you are trying to grow your hair. Anyone who has successfully grown their hair out from a short style, will fully sympathise with you when you are longing to cut it all off, but if they know you, they will help you find ways to persist.

Don't forget, when you go somewhere new, give them a chance. I always tell new clients that it may take several appointments before their hair is exactly how they want it, but once someone really gets to know you, your hair and what you like, you are on to a winner!

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