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I provide mobile hair services in Wymondham and the surrounding villages. These prices are only a guideline and can vary. 

Wet or Dry Cut £20

Ideal if you only need the basic cut you already have trimming. 


Wash Cut and Blow-dry £30

Restyle- £35

Consultation to discuss what style you would like. Haircut after it has been washed. Once blow dried the haircut is finished off by checking balance of cut, texturising or thinning and shaping. 


Men £15

Clipper or scissor cut depending on preference.

Chemical Services

I will provide a record card to save details of the service you have had. I will also pop and visit you before the appointment for a free consultation to discuss your needs and apply a skin test before any chemical service, to prevent an allergic reaction. I will also help you choose a colour from the colour chart. If you require a different specific brand, I am able to purchase it for you. 

Perm £75

Hair consultation to discuss what type of perm you would like. For example if you are aiming for defined curls, or just want some added body and volume. Hair will also be trimmed and blow dried to complete the look.

Full Head/ Roots £55

An all over application of semi or permanent colour and a blow-dry

What are highlights?

To create a natural look with minimal root regrowth, highlights are the perfect choice for you. Small sections of hair are woven or sliced and applied with colour and placed between foils. You can several different colours at no extra cost.

If you are worried about gray coverage but want a multi tonal look, why not have a colour applied to the remaining hair between the foils. 

Half Head of Highlights £65

Using foils, the hair in front of your ears and crown will be highlighted. You can choose multiple colours at no additional cost! Free blow-dry.

Full Head Highlights £75

Whole head of highlights using foils. Includes haircut and blow-dry.

Top tip - Research hair images for inspiration to share during consultation to ensure we are working towards the same goal!

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