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Home Hairdresser Wymondham

Having your hair styled professionally no longer means a trip to the local salon. You could save a lot more than just your time.

Home Hairdressing is rapidly becoming the new solution to maintaining your hair, rather than having to find time to go to the salon on your day off. Several years ago, it would be perfectly normal for women to visit a salon each week, for a set or blow-dry. Nowadays hairstyles are much more versatile and we try to enhance the hairs natural form, instead of fighting it. This means less trips to the salon, to force your hair into submission!

Nowadays many women struggle to find the time to get their haircut regularly due to juggling family commitments, work hours and sometimes just the motivation! Other women enjoy having their hair done but find it difficult to afford, due to salons increasing prices. Home Hairdressing aims to provide women and families with another option. Hair@Home can provide more competitive prices as there are less overheads, so the savings can be passed on to the clients, without compromising the service.

Many people find it easier to have an appointment after work in their own home, when a lot of salons would be shut. It also means once your home you can relax! You don't have to risk getting your hairstyle windswept on the way to your car. For women with families, it is a less stressful and time consuming way to keep your children's hair looking smart, without the waiting around.

So why not try out Hair@Home? What can you expect? If you have been used to visiting a salon you can expect your home hairdresser to provide exactly the same high standard service, to make you feel pampered. Hair@Home uses professional products that cannot be bought of the high street, to give your hair the best results possible. Hair@Home will also advise you on the best ways to help look after your hair, for example you can purchase the same styling products used, to recreate your look in between appointments, which will also help keep your hair in tip top condition.

If you wish to have a colour, before your appointment Hair@Home will meet you for a full consultation, with a colour chart to help you decide what would suit you, or simply to match up to your existing colour. Hair@Home will also apply a skin test to check you are not allergic to the products that will be used.

So why not give it a try? You will wonder why you didn't try it earlier! For a more personal service that fits around your lifestyle.

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