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Life of a Mobile Hairdresser

It has been two months since my last post and I have been busy working and planning for the year ahead. There are many pros and cons of being a mobile hairdresser, but one thing that is required is to be very self disciplined and organised, especially with time management. It is easy for years to pass, and hairdressers are so absorbed with working, that they may find that they have become out of touch and their skills have become outdated. To prevent this happening, as I am not in a salon environment, it is very beneficial to attend hairdressing training every year. You always learn something new, even if you just take away one new skill or learn a more efficient way of applying a technique. It helps reignite your enthusiasm and imagination.

I am looking forward to attending a colour course at Sallys Express in April, which will be helping me to stay abreast of some of this years latest trends. The course is called Ombré, Balayage & Freehand Hair Painting Course. In many bigger cities in the Uk this had been a technique that has been popular for several years, but it can take a while for trends to reach less urban areas such as Norfolk, Norwich and Wymondham! Balayage is not a new technique, but like fashion, it has resurgences and it has become popular again. It was originally developed in France in the 1970's.

Unlike a block colour, balayage is more tailored to the individual and takes into account the haircut and how the hair falls. It also means the end result is more sunkissed and softer.

This method will prove to be popular as it requires much less maintenance, as the look is less crisp, but very organic and natural looking, so regrowth is more blended.

Not only will this mean less time on hair appointments, but less money spent, better condition of hair due to less frequent application of chemicals, ideal if you are trying to grow your hair!

Another popular request I have heard a lot the last month, is for shorter hairstyles. This may be due to women feeling fed up of winter and looking ahead to a new season! We all know the quickest thing to change to reflect your mindset is your hair. If you are considering a new cut, stop and think. It is better to wait a week and thoroughly research hairstyles to get the look you want; than impulsively have it cut and regret it for two years while it grows out.

If you like a models haircut in a magazine, cover their face with your thumb.

-Do you still like the cut as much, or are you drawn to the model more? Remember you can emulate a hair-style by pinning your hair up or pulling it back.

-Consider your face shape, whether your ears stick out, the texture of your hair, would your need to straighten it daily?

-Also do you like to wear hats, what would they look like with shorter hair?

-Short hair doesn't necessarily mean less styling time, it may stick up in the morning and need attention, as sweeping it up isn't an option!

-It may need washing more.

If you do decide to go for the change, it will feel very liberating! It is an instant transformation and will lift your face. Make sure you see your regular hairdresser, who will understand your hair growth patterns and personality.

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