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Alternative treatments for your hair- organic, all natural hair food.

Hairdressers may recommend buying treatments from them, but did you know you can make your own? The two most popular trending ingredients at the moment are Apple Cider Vinegar and Caster Oil. I will tell you what they are for, how to use and how frequently.

The hairdressing industry is continually investing in expensive scientific research, to try and make breakthroughs in an incredibly competitive market.

Your hair can be in good condition, but if you are using the wrong products, that are not meeting your hairs requirements, it will not look its best, however often you wash it or get it trimmed. For example, curly hair will always have a tendency to be dry. To combat this,try using an intensive hair masque each week and a leave in conditioner. Your hair will soak up the moisture and be far more likely to have a shine.

You need to learn to identify what your hair needs; if you have fine hair, and you find it goes static or flyaway easily, you may try to use products that smooth it. It can be really beneficial to use a clarifying shampoo once a week or once a fortnight, to remove any product build up, which will only make your hair look dull, flat and weight it down.

An apple cider vinegar rinse will also do a similar job as a clarifying shampoo. The ratio you mix the vinegar with water can be adapted to suit your needs, people with more oily hair tend to use more vinegar. I use a water spray bottle and a cup of water, to two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar. Once I have washed my hair, I spray it all over and leave for several minutes, then rinse. This is also an alternative to using conditioner!

Everybody can benefit from a hair mask once in a while. Unless you suffer from extremely oily hair, I would recommend trying this simple treatment for your hair, Mix 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil, with two tablespoons of caster oil. Fill a bowl with hot water and stand the cup of mixed oil in it. Ensure no water gets in the oil. Once the oil is warm, apply it throughout damp hair, roots to ends. You can use a plastic applicator bottle, but I just use my hands, Massage it into your scalp and comb it through, using a tangle teaser. Leave in for an hour, or even overnight,

When I first tried this I was very sceptical. Caster oil has quite an unpleasant smell, but you can add essential oils to mask this. Caster oil has a very thick consistency and as my hair is quite fine (despite having a lot of it) I was afraid it would leave my hair feeling very heavy and greasy. But once I had thoroughly rinsed it, and washed it using first conditioner, and then two shampoos, it felt beautifully smooth and had a lovely shine. Caster oil can also aid dandruff, split ends and reduce hair loss.

Caster Oil is ALSO supposed to aid your hairs growth, if used twice a week. I will keep you updated and let you know my verdict, as I am currently growing out an undercut! At such a cheap price, and with so many benefits it is worth experimenting with, to see if it could help improve your hair.

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