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Mobile Hairdresser Wymondham

Do you like to get your haircut in a salon? Try Hair@Home, the mobile hairdressing service that will save you time and stress. You will receive the same high standard as in a hairdressing salon in Wymondham, without having to waste time driving into town, paying for parking and waiting for your appointment.

For example, if you are going for a evening out you could have your hair curled or put up. By having Hair@Home you will avoid spoiling your hair and having to dress afterwards. What makes Hair@Home different from other mobile hairdressers?

-Hair@Home always provides any products, gowns and towels needed for the appointment.

-Unlike some mobile hairdressers, all the products used are of high quality from a wholesaler. Hair@Home uses brands such as Goldwell, Matrix, Rusk, Tigi, Osmo and many more. Unlike a hairdressing salon which will only use one brand's product range, Hair@Home hand picks the best products from a variety of brands.

-Hair@Home will only provide a chemical service once a skin test has been applied, for your protection as the clients welfare is of the utmost importance.

-Hair@Home always offers helpful tips and advice such as how to style your hair and what products to use to resolve hair problems, such as split ends, flyaway hairs or scalp problems.

-Hair@Home not only will recommend hairdressing products, but can provide them for you too!

I am always trying alternative methods too. Last week I decided to try henna. I purchased some from Lush. ( The henna comes in a block, like soap. Break off a couple of blocks, cut up, and melt with hot water, till the consistency is like melted chocolate. I didn't add enough water at first, which is a mistake, because as you apply the mixture it will fall of your head in small lumps as it is too dry. Apply on small sections, on clean dry hair. Wrap your head in cling film to keep in the warmth to aid development and to prevent it hardening like concrete! Leave on for 2 hours or more, the longer the better. I removed after two hours as I found the smell unbearable, most people just find it unpleasant though!

Henna provides an AMAZING shine like nothing else, but be prepared. Unless you test a section of hair, there is no way to predict the results. As my hair is so dark, the henna just provided a glass like shine which I loved. However if you want the colour to show or be vibrant, it will work better on lighter hair, especially if you build the henna up over several applications. Unlike colour, henna actually conditions the hair and causes no damage. Henna will require patience, as it is not only messy and more time consuming to mix and apply; but it needs to be build up and takes a very long time to develop. But it will preserve and improve your hairs condition and give it a lovely glossy shine. It costs £10 a block, this would be sufficient for two or three applications. If your curious have a girly night in and give it a go. There are more details on the Lush website!

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