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As a mobile hairdresser I am constantly asked for advice on what products to use. As I am not based in a salon I cannot carry around an infinite supply of product ranges, so I am always on the lookout for products that have multiple uses or are suitable for various hair types. These are my staple finishing products, hand picked from a variety of ranges that I wouldn't be without. Next week I will go through shampoos and the best products to use before heat styling.


My favourite hairspray is by Matrix, Vavoom, Freezing spray. Unlike most hairsprays it has quite a pleasant scent and it has a good firm hold. However it can be brushed out of the hair easily. It is also a reasonable price. To be used to finish hairstyles to hold all day.


Goldwell has a fairly new range called style sign, which covers all your personal preferences. There are three waxes I would recommend from this range, non of which are in a traditional tub.

The first is called Crystal Turn Curl Gel Wax. It has a gel like consistency that can be used on wet or dry hair. I prefer to use this on slightly thicker hair for a firmer hold. Its great to define curls or to hold mens styles with if they like the top swept back. Squeeze a 10 pence blob into the palm of your hands and rub until it disappears, and either scrunch into curls, or run through the hair shaft on short styles for some definition and root lift. 24 hour Anti humidity to avoid frizz and colour protection. 100ml.

The second is called Curl Love, which offers heat and colour protection and a natural shine. This is my personal favourite, as it is a lot lighter than the gel, it is creme. I use it on my hair wet or dry, although it is designed to scrunch through waves or curls before you let it dry naturally or diffuse. 150ml.

The third is called Roughman. This is matte which is nice for a natural tousled look in short hair. It is a paste and to be used to create texture. You can use it on damp or dry hair. 100ml.

All three have a lovely fresh smell that will make you feel like you have been to the salon! They all are very reasonably priced at around only £7.00 each!


Moroccanoil is the most famous brand for serums and I had been dying to get my hands on it for ages, but the wholesalers did not stock it.

Retailers sell it at double the price so I could not afford to provide it at a reasonable prices for clients. This month Salon services has introduced it so I was very excited. ( )

It retails at £31.85 but I can provide 100ml for £20.00, but I would recommend clients try it first, it also comes in 25ml for £10.00.

What is so special about this? Well to start it won the 2016 Instyle Magazine Best Beauty Buys. It also feels like a luxurious product. It has lovely packaging and the serum is in a little glass bottle. You only need to use a few drops as it will go far in your hair. Unlike other oils that sit in top of your hair, as it is so lightweight it is easily absorbed into your hair, to nourish it. It can be used on wet hair to speed up drying time, or on dry hair to smooth and provide shine. You may find you won't need to use straightners on your hair as it really does work to remove flyaway hairs and frizz.

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